NOTE: Our streaming method has changed as of episode, and is reflected in the links below.
The 100th episode of PaulDotCom Security Weekly, W00t! There will be much rejoicing, the Skype lines will be open, we have multiple audio clips to play, and this just in, Bob’s true identity revealed!
The live stream should be active about 6:30-7:00 PM EST, Thursday February 28th. We should begin recording the live show at about 7:00 PM EST. Please keep in mind that these times are all estimates, but we will try to do the best that we can.
Don’t forget to join in on the IRC channel during the stream – we can take live comments and discussion from the channel! Find us on IRC at #pauldotcom.
Don’t forget, this is a call in type event! We will have Skype active (id “pauldotcom”), or call in to 401-626-4636!
We using for this and future episodes (now with video!). We understand the importance of this monumental event, and we will be attempting to make both audio streams available for this episode.
When active, the live stream(s) can be found at:
Please join us, and thanks for listening!
- Larry & Paul

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