Thank you all for your positive feedback and corrections for our new web site. There is still some clean-up that needs to happen, but for the most part its well under control and moving forward. I made some updates recently that reflect some of the new/updated content that we were planning on:

  • About – Now contains pictures, bios, and information about PaulDotCom and how we got started, including mission statement.
  • Papers – Contains a complete listing of articles and papers published over the years, including the latest edition of INSECURE Magazine, including abstracts.
  • Presentations – Up-to-date listing of all presentations, including the Late-Breaking Computer Attack Vectors webcast, with June 2008 being the latest
  • Forum – In other news, Larry has updated our Forum to prevent SPAM using a shiny new CAPTCHA. Say what you will about CAPTCHA, if it prevents bots from posting pr0n and male enhancement links in our Forums, I’m all for it!

Larry is in the process of sending me a list of all his papers and presentations, so look for those updates coming soon! Oh, and seems security is being embedded into everything these days:


(Thanks to listener Mark for sharing that with us. We all know why he was shopping for those, but hey, as men, we’ve all been there and sympathize with ya brother!)


About the author

Paul Asadoorian is the Founder & CEO of Security Weekly, where the flagship show recently re-titled "Paul's Security Weekly" has been airing for over 8 years. By day he is the Product Evangelist for Tenable Network Security. Paul produces and hosts the various shows here at Security Weekly, all dedicated to providing the latest security news, interviews with the industries finest and technical how-to segments. Paul is also the founder and host of "The Stogie Geeks Show", featuring cigar reviews for cigar enthusiasts.