Did you miss last night’s live broadcast of Pauldotcom? If so you missed a great technical segment by Carlos Perez that demonstrated the new Metasploit java signed applet exploit. This exploit is a great example of how an attacker can gain access to systems that have no vulnerabilities by taking advantage of inherent weaknesses in the way products such as java applet signing are implemented.

Before you can use this exploit you will need to install a the java developers kit and the rjb ruby gem. Carlos explains how to do that in the show notes.

*Note: In this video I misspoke and said that LPORT is not being used. In fact, it is used by the meterpreter payload for its command and control communications channel.

Pauldotcom Episode 185 from PaulDotCom on Vimeo.

For detailed instructions check out Carlos’ description in the show notes from last night.
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