We at PaulDotCom Security Weekly have a lot to be thankful for. We’ve got intelligent listeners, interesting guests , and sexy interns.
With that in mind, we thank you for continuing to come back week after week as we strive to present you relevant information security topics in an entertaining and interesting format. In continuing that effort, Episode 221 will have Belgian security researcher Xavier Mertens on to discuss BGP threats, bruteforcing ssh’s ‘known_hosts’ file and other topics from the awesome /dev/random blog site.
We also have a special guest technical segment from Sebastien “FireSt0rM” Jeanquier to discuss the benefits of Single Packet Authorization, the successor to Port Knocking.

Turkey Day at the Pesce household.

Each episode comes complete with show notes, detailing the interviews, tech segments, and stories presented. Please visit our Episode 221 Show Notes Page on the Wiki for more info on the podcast.
Break out your beverage of choice and enjoy the show over a Turkey dinner!
- Paul Asadoorian, Larry Pesce, Carlos Perez, Darren Wigley, and John Strand.

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