Join us for PaulDotCom Security Weekly Episode 330 After 5 years of diving into the Security world head first, Andrew has finally come up bruised, beaten and a little less stupid. Like most hackers, he has ripped apart, modified and rewritten every electron and every bit possible – and under proper supervision has even gotten to play with a few really expensive toys. He now spends his time bootstrapping his DARPA CFT project (Netoko), hacking automotive networks (GoodThopter), or playing with academics as a Visiting Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania. Banasidhe (pronounced ban-shee) is currently the volunteer Producer and President of the Board for Security BSides Las Vegas, Inc., (as well as 2IC for DCSkytalks and 2IC of PhySec for DerbyCon). With literally decades of Event Planning, Production, Logistics, Operations and Security experience, she stepped down as Safety & Security Director of BSidesLV two years ago and stepped-up into her current role as Producer, to ensure that BSidesLV continues to live up to the irreverant, uncommon, wake-up call to conventional InfoSec Conferences, that was conceived by her predecessor five years ago. Since taking the helm at BSidesLV, banasidhe has instituted several new tracks, including an OTR track, an AFK, community oriented track, and a Mentorship program for first time presenters. Banasidhe’s actual day job is Director of Operations for the division of the Open Security Foundation, where she’s working on finding the funding to pull the site out of beta and into the stark, glaring light of day. She can be found on twitter @banasidhe . Sit back and enjoy the show live or participate in the live chat on our Ustream channel:

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