Join us for Paul’s Security Weekly Episode 362.
Our Guest interview will be with Paul Paget. Paul was appointed CEO of Pwnie Express in August 2013 to help grow it into the leader for testing the security of remote operations. Joining Dave Porcello, the founder, and his outstanding team. The PWN Plug has created a hit and they aim to make it a standard around the world. It radically simplifies and reduces the cost of assessing security, especially in hard to reach out of the way part of an organization such as bank offices, stores and off shore facilities.

Also, We will have a Technical Segment by Joff Thyer. Joff is a Security Researcher for the consulting division of Security Weekly, Black Hills Information Security and is on to add some Aussie flavor to the podcast. His loves are Beer, Hacking, Math and Wireless. He also goes by a few nicknames of Joffaroo, Joffalamadingdong & Joffman.

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