Join us for Paul’s Security Weekly Episode 388 with Michael Gough from Hacker Hurricane.

Michael has 20 years experience in IT and Information Security.  In the past Michael has been a consultant for HP and other consultancies, an analyst for the financial sector, health care and State of Texas.  Michael now focuses his talents as a Blue Team Defender, malarian fighter and malware archeologist, protecting his employer from nefarious ne’er-do-wellers.

Michael also runs BSides Texas with Michelle Klinger and leads the BSides Austin conference held in March.  Michael and his partner in cyber crime discovered the WInNTI malware 10 months before Kasperski released their report.  They also discovered and exploited a major Card Key system flaw back in 2010 which can be found on YouTube and were dubbed “The Thoughtful Hackers” when they were on the show in 2011.

In his last venture Michael and his partner have developed out of necessity, a malware discovery tool called “Malware Sentinel” utilizing the Malware Management Framework to find malware on Windows based systems.  Michael also developed the 6 page “Windows Logging Cheat Sheet” to provide a starting point on detailed logging for Windows hosts.

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