John Strand

John Strand is Senior Security Analyst/Principal of Black Hills Information Security. Before BHIS, John started the practice of computer security with Accenture Consulting in the areas of intrusion detection, incident response, and vulnerability assessment/penetration testing. John then moved to Northrop Grumman specializing in DCID 6/3 PL3-PL5 (multi-level security solutions), security architectures, and program certification and accreditation. John teaches and authors classes for the SANS institute and pauldotcom. John is the course author and instructor for SEC464: Hacker Guard: Security Baseline Training for IT Administrators and Operations with Continuing Education, and the co- author for SEC580: Metasploit Kung Fu for Enterprise Pen Testing. He also teaches SEC504: Hacker Techniques, Exploits, and Incident Handling; SEC560: Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking; for the SANS institute. For pauldotcom, he is the author of Offensive Countermeasures: The Art of Active Defense. John has presented for multiple organizations and ‘cons’ including the FBI, NASA, NSA, RSA and DefCon. John is the host of Hack Nacked TV with pauldotcom and enjoys co-hosting Paul’s pauldotcom. John is one of the minds and leaders behind Offensive Counter Measures and Active defense, which he hopes will change the security industry for the better.