Title: iOS Versus Android: The Forensic Challenge Beatdown

Date and Time: Tue, May 6, 2014 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

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In this webcast, we’ll compare application data stored on both Android and iOS Devices. Both Android and iOS devices rely upon SQLite database files to store application data within the handsets memory. Android also utilizes external storage for application data storage. What occurs when the SD card containing application data is removed from the Android device? This webcast contains key material directly from the upcoming course “FOR585 Advanced Smartphone and Mobile Device Forensics” to demonstrate data retention on two of the most popular smartphones.

In addition, how do these smartphones handle deleted data? Do they encrypt application data? What challenges are involved in examining application data on Android and iOS devices. The similarities and differences will be highlighted in this smartphone overview of the new FOR585 course.

About the presenter:

Heather Mahalik is a senior digital forensics analyst at Basis Technology. As the on-site project manager, she uses her experience to manage the cell phone exploitation team and supports media and cell phone forensics efforts in the U.S. government. Heather has worked in digital forensics for over ten years and has performed thousands of forensic acquisitions and examinations on hard drives, e-mail and file servers, mobile devices, and portable media. She is currently a certified instructor for the SANS Institute.

Previously, Heather worked as a forensic examiner for Stroz Friedberg and the U.S. State Department Computer Investigations and Forensics Lab, where she focused her efforts on high profiles cases. She has authored papers, presented at leading conferences, and instructed classes focused on Mac forensics, mobile device forensics, and computer forensics to practitioners in the field. Heather’s background is based on media forensics, and she currently specializes in BlackBerry, Nokia, knock-off, Android, and iOS Forensics.

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About the author

Paul Asadoorian is the Founder & CEO of Security Weekly, where the flagship show, "Paul's Security Weekly", has been airing since 2005. In 2016, Security Weekly grew into the first security podcast network and added shows like Hack Naked News, Enterprise Security Weekly, and more. Paul hosts the various shows here at Security Weekly, all dedicated to providing the latest security news, interviews with the industry's finest, and technical how-to segments. Paul is also the CEO of Offensive CounterMeasures, a software company dedicated to producing security products aimed at defenders.