PCI Dream Team – Part 1 – Arthur Cooper, Ben Rothke, David Mundhenk, Jeff Hall – SCW #36

PCI Dream Team: Ben Rothke, Jeff Hall, David Mundhenk, Art Cooper answer all of the toughest PCI questions. Visit https://www.securityweekly.com/scw for all the latest episodes!
Full Episode Show Notes

PCI Dream Team – Part 1


Jeff Man
Jeff Man – Sr. InfoSec Consultant
John Snyder
John Snyder – CEO
Josh Marpet
Josh Marpet – COO
Scott Lyons
Scott Lyons – CEO


Arthur Cooper
Arthur Cooper – Senior Security Consultant
Ben Rothke
Ben Rothke – Senior Information Security Specialist
David Mundhenk
David Mundhenk – Principal Security Consultant
Jeff Hall
Jeff Hall – Senior Consultant


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