Acalvio - All [Cyber] War Is Based On Deception.

The most comprehensive Distributed Deception Platform designed to meet the needs of organizations looking to cost-effectively deploy Deceptions “at scale”.
Thank you to our sponsor Acalvio for working with Security Weekly! We are excited to have partnered with Acalvio as they bring a super cool deception platform to the market. We believe they get it when it comes to implementing effective deception technologies that will help your security programs be more effective.

The Five Tenants Of Enterprise Deception

The Five Tenants Of Enterprise Deception - Enterprise Security Weekly

This segment is sponsored by Acalvio. Remember, all [cyber] war is based on deception! Our guest is John Bradshaw, the Sr. Director of Solutions Engineering at Acalvio Technologies. John has more than 25 years of experience in the Cyber Security industry focusing on advanced, targeted threats. John joins Paul Asadoorian and John Strand to discuss the five tenants of enterprise deception, levels of interactivity for deception targets, and many more interest facets of deception technologies as they are applied to an enterprise security program!

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