Active Countermeasure’s AI-Hunter™ analyzes your network traffic to detect which of your internal systems have been compromised. There are no agents to install — AI-Hunter verifies all devices regardless of operating system or hardware. AI-Hunter also inspects encrypted sessions while maintaining data privacy and integrity. The simple-to-use interface is focused on enabling threat hunting success for everyone from junior analysts to seasoned professionals.

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PSW Technical Segment

Beacon analysis is an integral part of threat hunting. If you are not looking for beacons you take the chance of missing compromised IoT devices or anything that does not have a threat mitigation agent installed. Chris Brenton talks about what makes beacon hunting so hard, and how the open-source tool RITA can simplify the process.

PSW Technical Segment

Chris Brenton, Chief Operating Officer at Active Countermeasures, discusses why threat hunting is the missing link between our protection tools and our response tools and will take a deep dive into the AI Hunter!

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What people are saying about AI Hunter:

"Well done Active Countermeasures! This is the only tool we have that detects X backdoor."

Finance Sector Customer

"We have been working with top right Gartner quadrant tools for years, yet AI-Hunter delivered more critical actionable intelligence in 24 hours than the other tools did combined in 2 years. At last, let the hunt begin!"

Sam Ainscow - Barrett Steel Limited

"Great stuff! This tool is exactly what I want when doing a hunt"

John Strand