Calculating ROI for Attivo Deception

and Concealment Technology

Cybersecurity professionals understand the value of deception technology. Unfortunately, while they may have input when determining the merits of security solutions to purchase, they do not often have the authority to influence budgets, which means that they must find a way to financially justify a new security technology to the CFO and others.

How can they clearly explain the value? How will it save money? How reliable is this technology? Security teams must almost certainly answer these questions for those who can justify funding the purchase.

Fortunately, quantifying the value and cost savings associated with deception technology is not as difficult as it may seem, especially when combined with concealment technologies. Concealment technology serves as a prevention control as attackers will no longer have the ability to see or access the critical data they need to conduct an attack.

This paper will demonstrate the return on investment and cost savings related to deception solutions.

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Try Attivo’s ADSecure™ Solution for Active Directory Protection – 30 Days Free

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  • Gain visibility to Active Directory attacks, privilege escalation attempts, and attacker lateral movement. This is all done without changing or touching production Domain Controllers.
  • See how ADSecure™ prevents AD exploitation by hiding real results and returning misinformation that steers an attacker away from the production environment, while raising an alert.
  • Learn how concealment and denial of access plays an important role in reducing the attack surface, altering what an attacker can see, and therefore, what they can do.

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