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Cloud-based Enterprise management, policy enforcement, and auditing to meet compliance

Many commercial enterprises and public sector organizations use the Silo Web Isolation Platform to provide secure web and application access, streamline workflows, and conduct sensitive, online research across the open, deep, and dark web.

Both Silo Cloud Browser and Silo Research Toolbox are cloud-browsers that use remote isolation technology to protect end-users from malicious web content, maintain anonymity, and secure access to web applications. IT departments can leverage the cloud-based management and policy enforcement framework to proactively manage users, create policies, and log user activity for compliance programs.

Deploying remote isolation browsers enterprise-wide will help eliminate the main avenue of attack for web-borne malware, giving IT more time on projects that further the business, and less time on system reimaging and malware remediation.


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How It Works

The Silo cloud browser provides full physical separation of web content from the local host - with requested web pages downloaded into a disposable, remote cloud container. The cloud container presents the web content back to the local browser in the form of a benign, fully interactive video stream, ensuring that no active code or web content ever reaches the endpoint.  

Beyond web-borne malware isolation, Silo embeds security, identity, and data access policies directly into the browser itself, giving IT complete control over how web-applications are accessed and Internet used.

Silo features include:

  • Developed from the ground up as an Enterprise-ready application
  • Safely handles all code as untrusted and unverified, executing web content in a cloud container rather than on the endpoint
  • Ensures the integrity of web-based applications and data
  • Uses only approved and validated plugins
  • Provides centralized configuration management
  • Allows enterprise-wide policy creation, implementation, and enforcement
  • Centralized logging of user activity to meet audit and compliance requirements

Silo Research Toolbox

Silo Research Toolbox is a managed attribution and research suite based on the Silo cloud browser. Toolbox provides a rich set of capabilities allowing financial fraud investigators, cyber threat intelligence, and OSINT analysts to safely and anonymously research the web without negatively impacting the host or source network.

Silo Research Toolbox allows researchers to spoof their true location across different, configurable geo-locations, manipulate their hardware and software fingerprints, and to collect, annotate, and securely store internet-based PAI (Publicly Available Information). Toolbox also includes tools for post-fetch language translation, link tracking, as well as web code and HTTP traffic analysis.

  • Secure isolation, managed attribution, post-facto language translation, and auditing without the risk of burning online identities or system compromise
  • Reduce time, costs and resources needed to deploy, manage, and conduct successful fraud investigations
  • Capture, annotate, store, and share evidence securely with other members of the team
  • Analysts remain anonymous, since the IP in the cloud is the only identifying data exposed to the open web
  • Eliminate the need for costly dedicated network infrastructure, IT URL exceptions, and machine re-imaging
  • Securely and anonymously gather online intelligence from open, deep, or dark web sources

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