Are You Struggling To Be Validated In The Security Market?

Our partners experienced the same challenges: They struggled to get the right people to notice their brand, identify with their solutions, and earn the trust of the security community. Our programs are designed to:

  • Validate your solutions in the security market
  • Reduce your sales cycles
  • Quickly recoup your investment in marketing programs

We strive to increase the percentage of marketing spend that can be directly tied to sales.

Security Market Validation

Security Weekly works with all of our partners to understand your target market, messaging, positioning and marketing goals. We help our partners grow in the security industry through brand awareness activities, thought leadership content and demand generation.

Our experienced hosts and analysts are well-respected in the security community and continue to work in the trenches. We identify with the problems and challenges faced by security professionals today and our mission is to educate and guide the security community.

Security Weekly started as a traditional podcast company and has evolved to provide a network of podcasts targeting different segments of the market, articles, videos, and webcasts. We use all of these components to customize programs for our partners, bringing the right content to the right audience.

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See Our Programs In Action

  • Javelin Networks - Bypassing Two-Factor Authentication

    Security Weekly partner Javelin Networks presented “Bypassing Two-Factor Authentication” on Paul’s Security Weekly episode 539, helping them strengthen their position in the market as a leader in Active Directory security technologies.
  • Tenable - Understanding The Vulnerability Management Maturity Curve

    On Paul’s Security Weekly episode 448 Tenable presented on The Vulnerability Management Maturity Curve, establishing themselves as a leader in the vulnerability management space and identifying with the challenges faced by their target audience.
  • Netsparker on Apache Struts - Hack Naked News Segment

    Netsparker appeared on our Hack Naked News program to discuss the threats posed by the Apache Struts vulnerability, and how security professionals could identify this vulnerability in their own environments, establishing themselves as a leader in the dynamic web application scanning category.


  • Generating Leads

    Generating Leads

    “As a security start-up, one of your first challenges is creating awareness. How do you get your message and point of view out to the broader security market? Working closely with Security Weekly, we were able to tap into the community by creating targeted ads and podcasts that allowed us to start to generate that awareness. Within 12 days of our first podcast interview on Business Security Weekly, we generated our first lead. That opportunity more than paid for the sponsorship. If you’re a security startup, or even a large security company, that needs to create awareness for your products and services, Security Weekly has the platform and the audience to help you.”

    Sachin Aggarwal
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Building Trust

    Building Trust

    “When we approached Security Weekly we were looking for a way for us to connect with the infosec community and discuss problems that they face every day from a source they trusted. With Security Weekly being such a large network we were unsure what would be the best options for us and how we could combine the different services for the best results. Security Weekly made it very easy to consume these services by allowing for a completely flexible list of services. As a result of working with Security Weekly not only did we achieve our primary objective of being part of a “trusted conversation” but we found that brand awareness, community education, myth “air clearing,” were additional opportunities we were able to utilize as part of our package.”

    Clayton Fields
    Vice President
  • Authentic Conversations

    Authentic Conversations

    “Before working with Security Weekly, it was challenging finding partners who could help us produce meaningful and informative content. We were finding that too many webinars/podcasts/shows were relying on shallow content. As a result, we were struggling to find speakers who were excited to present and our results were disappointing. Since the start of our partnership, we have found more interest in presenting from technical colleagues and an understanding that video content relies less on being polished/marketing material, and more on authentic conversations that produce value for viewers. Security Weekly has helped us develop a bolder and more pronounced voice that has extended into far more than our presentations/appearances with them.”

    Graham Swalling
    Demand Generation Manager