Security Analytics

At Chronicle, we believe it’s time for a better way to do detection. As the IT landscape becomes more complex and attackers continue to evade current security tools, it’s clear that attempts at prevention fall short. The rapid adoption of the ATT&CK framework also highlights the expanding threat attack surface and advancement of modern threats.

Chronicle brings Google-scale threat detection to enterprises with the debut of its threat detection solution, Chronicle Detect. It includes a rules engine that operates at the speed of search, a powerful rules language optimized to describe complex threat behavior, and a regular stream of new rules and indicators, built by our elite research team.

Chronicle Detect makes it easy for enterprises to move from legacy security tools to a modern threat detection system. Using our Google-scale platform, security teams can send their security telemetry to Chronicle at a fixed cost so that diverse, high value security data can be taken into account for detections. We automatically make that security data useful by mapping it to a common data model across machines, users, and threat indicators, so that you can quickly apply powerful detection rules to a unified set of data.

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