Cracking The Code: How Security Nerds Become IT Leaders

Welcome to “Cracking The Code: How Security Nerds Become IT Leaders”, where we learn not how to crack WEP, but crack the human code to become better leaders.

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Is this not how you feel at your job in information security? Then this webcast series may be for you…

The challenge isn’t technology. The opportunity is IT leadership. Join us for a series of webcasts intended to explore how to develop as a leader, skills to communicate value, influence actions, and accelerate change.

Our first webcast in the series has been posted! See below:

Title: Cracking The Code Part 1: From Penetration Testing Results To Improvement


The penetration test is complete. You’ve been handed a report with all the findings. You even know what to do to fix the problems outlined in the report. Yet getting others to understand and act often means nothing changes. This is a problem shared by many in our industry, and one we hear time and time again. The solutions are not technical (boy I wish I could write a shell script to fix this one!). In this webcast we will explore how to tackle transforming yourself into a leader. Sound corny? Perhaps, but it will set you on a path to affecting change in your organizations, for the better. You will be able to live in a world where people act because you are giving them guidance, and more importantly, leadership.

Date: June 10, 2015
Time: 2:00PM EST
Presenters: Michael Santarcangelo and Paul Asadoorian (Special guest appearance from John Strand)

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Meet Michael Santarcangelo

Michael Santarcangelo brings nearly two decades of experience spanning industries and challenges across the full range of IT and information security functions. As someone who enjoys the pursuit of knowledge (with an insatiable appetite for learning about everything), Michael knows the right solution is different for each situation.

Michael believes that until IT leaders recognize their own value, they won’t be able to realize value in others. When they see their value as leaders, others see it too.

As they shift into senior roles, IT leaders experience a new reality: they are no longer judged solely on their technical competency, but also on their leadership skills. In addition to pressures and challenges that no other leader in the organization has, IT leaders often lack support for developing their leadership skills.

As an experienced practitioner, Michael develops remarkable leaders and high-performance teams through his Remarkable IT Leadership Framework™ consisting of 5 foundational elements, 5 essential habits, and 9 competencies.

Frequently sought out for his ability to translate complexity into comprehension, Michael also possesses an uncanny ability to capture and distill value. A natural nonlinear — and systems — thinker, Michael is respected as an advisor, considered an extension of the teams he works with, and counted on to roll up his sleeves to get results.

Michael freely shares his experience and knowledge through writing, speaking, and industry involvement. He pens the popular leadership-focused “Translating Security Value” column for CSO Online. He authored the book Into The Breach, offering leaders an actionable lens into the human elements of security breaches. In addition to his own writing and podcasting, Michael frequently contributes his wit and way of thinking, questions, and strategies for success on other programs.

The leaders who work with Michael capture, distill, and demonstrate their value. They earn the recognition they deserve as a leader in the executive suite. Their voices are heard by the board and across the industry.

Michael holds a degree in Human Ecology from Cornell University. After traveling the country by RV, he and his family settled in coastal South Carolina.