The CISO Stories Podcast Episode #89 – September 27, 2022

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1. Are CISOs Experiencing a Mental Health Crisis?  – 06:00 PM-06:30 PM

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CISOs have a stressful job, due to the many threats, unknowns and high expectations. How does this impact mental health? Is this different from other leadership roles? Should you discuss with your company? Join Shamla who has held several Fortune 100 CISO roles, as she discusses several approaches to this real issue.

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Naidoo, S. 2022. The Looming CISO Mental Health Crisis – and What to Do About it – Part 2. Dark Reading (Jan 31). https://www.darkreading.com/edge-articles/the-looming-ciso-mental-health-crisis-and-what-to-do-about-it-part-2 This segment is sponsored by Wiz. Visit https://securityweekly.com/wiz to learn more about them!


Shamla Naidoo

Shamla Naidoo – Head of Cloud Strategy & Innovation at Netskope

Shamla Naidoo is an accomplished information security executive with more than 25 years of experience. Previously she was the Global Chief Information Security Officer of IBM, responsible for safeguarding IBM globally including all its business units and brands. She was responsible for IBM’s overall information security program, which includes the company’s information risk and security strategies, planning, governance, architecture, and operations.

Prior to joining IBM, Shamla was Vice President of Information Risk and Security at Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Previous roles include Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Risk Officer at leading companies including WellPoint, Northern Trust and ABN AMRO.

Shamla is an adjunct law professor, developing and teaching courses in information technology, cybersecurity and privacy law. She also has a license to practice law in both Illinois and Washington DC.

Shamla holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Economics from the University of South Africa, and a Juris Doctor degree from John Marshall Law School.



Todd Fitzgerald- Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy at Cybersecurity Collaborative


Todd Fitzgerald has built information Fortune 500/large company security programs for 20 years. Todd serves as VP, Cybersecurity Strategy and Chairman of the Cybersecurity Collaborative Executive Committee, was named 2016–17 Chicago CISO of the Year, ranked Top 50 Information Security Executive, authored 4 books including #1 Best Selling and 2020 CANON Hall of Fame Winner CISO COMPASS: Navigating Cybersecurity Leadership Challenges with Insights from Pioneers (2019), ground-breaking CISO Leadership: Essential Principles for Success, as well as contributions to a dozen others. Todd held senior leadership positions at Northern Trust, Grant Thornton International, Ltd, ManpowerGroup, WellPoint (Anthem) Blue Cross Blue Shield/ National Government Services, Zeneca/Syngenta, IMS Health and American Airlines.