Microsoft Ignite 2018

Microsoft Trailer


  • Mike Stephens and Aabha Thipsay

    Mike Stephens and Aabha Thipsay explain what Microsoft Hello does as far as removing symmetric keys and replacing it with asymmetric crypto. Microsoft Hello will be secure, require a 3D facial recognition or biometrics.
  • Steve Syfuhs

    Doug White and Steve Syfuhs discuss password safety, removal of passwords but at the cost of usability, and facial recognition.
  • Jeff Hollan

    What would happen if all the technology we solely depend on suddenly stopped working? Jeff Hollan talks about Serverless computing. They discuss Azure cloud and the security of the cloud.
  • Tarek Dawoud and Michael McLaughlin

    Doug White interviews Tarek Dawoud and Michael McLaughlin. Tarek Dawoud is a Principal Lead Architect at Microsoft and Michael McLaughlin is a Sr. Program Manager at Microsoft.
  • Mark Russinovich

    Doug White interviews Mark Russinovich at Microsoft Ignite. Doug and Mark talk about Azure Confidential Computing, Mark’s book Zero Day, and Azure security.