Mobile Application Protection

Mobile applications are part of most organizations’ business models. With the proliferation of mobile applications comes the proliferation of threats.

What would be the consequences of your mobile application being cloned or hacked? Is your mobile application accessing and storing sensitive data such as geolocation, personal data, credentials, or financial data? Is your business dependent on mobile transactions? Are you concerned about mobile application security regulations that are increasing in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Financial Services, and other industries? Is your new mobile application the front-end to IoT devices that operate in untrusted environments? Are you losing sleep over application cloning or the intellectual property risk posed by hackers that can reverse engineer your software?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have reason to be concerned.

Irdeto's Trusted Software – The smartest zero-touch mobile application protection solution on the market.

Irdeto, a leading cybersecurity company and the inventor of White-box Cryptography, released - Trusted Software which is a revolutionary solution to protect mobile applications against these threats. 

Trusted Software will protect your mobile applications against attacks such as malicious data exfiltration, tampering, cloning, and reverse engineering, thus safeguarding your software-based assets, your revenue, and your customers’ data from fraudulent attacks.

If you are an application development leader, you can now apply high-end protection to your software assets without the need for a security team, or for executive-level budget approval.

Ease of use: Simply drag-and-drop your final application into Irdeto’s cloud service, go grab a coffee, and retrieve your fully protected application ready to be submitted to your application store of choice. There are no coding changes required, no SDK’s to link, and no time spent to learn complex security techniques. Just focus on your strengths and build your applications.

Optimal security & performance balance: Irdeto’s Smart Transcoding, our innovative code classifier machine learning model, will analyze your code in no time to identify security sensitive functions where maximum protection should be applied while ensuring that less sensitive code is protected just enough to meet your performance requirements.

Flexible pricing model: Trusted Software is a pay-as-you-go and affordable solution you can evaluate for free. Moving from evaluation to production does not require any effort or interruption.

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"Mobile Apps Are The New Endpoints, But How To Address Their Security?"

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