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Risk-based Vulnerability Management

At a time when all of us are expected to “do more with less,” vulnerabilities are on the rise and must be managed.

For those in vulnerability management, ensuring that money, resources, and time are strategically spent is both imperative and difficult. Resources are at a premium, but the vulnerability problem isn’t. 

Vulnerability management doesn’t have to break your budget. Between 2% to 5% of your vulnerabilities are actively exploited, making a “patch everything” approach costly and ineffective. When it comes to vulnerability management, success boils down to data-driven, risk-based prioritization.

Focus on the risks that matter most. With a risk-based vulnerability management approach, you can focus resources on patching a smaller number of vulnerabilities that pose a real risk to your organization. The result? You save time and money, make better use of resources, and help your team work more efficiently.

Improve your ROI with risk-based vulnerability management. Get a copy of our latest e-book to discover three ways a risk-based vulnerability management approach helps you save. 

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The ROI of Effective Vulnerability Management                 3 Ways Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Saves Time, Money and Resources


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