Do you want the latest information about problems we face today in information security and the best solutions? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. All of your favorites podcast hosts here at Security Weekly also contribute their vast knowledge and experience to our webcast program. If you’ve been busy, like we all are, then you may have missed a webcast (or 3) over the past year. No worries, we are now archiving select webcasts so you can register and learn how to solve real problems faced by information security professionals today.

Check back, this page will be updated constantly with new webcasts! We are planning an entire series for the upcoming year, topics will include penetration testing, training and education, endpoint detection and response, web application security and more!

John Strand and Paul Asadoorian

  • The State of Penetration - BlackHillsInfoSec


    Are you asking the right questions to get a great penetration test? Knowing what to ask and how to assess the answers is your key to getting the best results and most value. Paul Asadoorian sat down with John Strand to uncover better questions and some surprising insights to make sure you get what you need.

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Ross Rustici and Paul Asadoorian

  • Network Security Without Actionable Intelligence Is Only Close Enough

    The market for hunting services and threat intelligence today is expansive and often superficial. The industry is focused on aggregation of data and slicing it into digestible chunks. Only through threat information-focused hunts can you build a program that truly creates useful intelligence for your organization.

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Sebastian “Seba” Bortnik & Paul Asadoorian

  • Securing Business-Critical Applications

    SAP and Oracle produce software that maintains the lion’s share of the market for business-critical applications. Boston-based security firm Onapsis has discovered and disclosed several vulnerabilities in many different software suites from both SAP and Oracle. In October of this year, the Onapsis research team uncovered four vulnerabilities in SAP and fifteen in Oracle business applications. Sebastian “Seba” Bortnik, Head of Onapsis Research Labs, will be in-studio with Paul for this webcast to talk about the technical details and the risk to your organization!

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Paul Asadoorian, Joff Thyer and Zane Lackey 

  • Defending Modern Web Applications

    The standard approach for web application security over the last decade has focused heavily on slow gatekeeping controls like static analysis and dynamic scanning. However, these controls were originally designed in a world of Waterfall development and their heavyweight nature often causes more problems than they solve in today’s world of agile, DevOps, and CI/CD.

    Join Paul Asadoorian of Offensive Countermeasures, Joff Thyer of Black Hills Information Security, and Zane Lackey of Signal Sciences for this web app security-based webcast! Zane will share practical lessons learned during his tenure at Etsy on the most effective application security techniques in today’s increasingly rapid world of application creation and delivery.

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Jonathan Sander, Doug White and Paul Asadoorian

  • File Systems Analysis

    Figuring out what has happened on a compromised system is no easy task. A large part of forensic investigations, or even just figuring out malware intent, is file system analysis.
    Industry veteran Doug White will show us how file systems are analyzed. Doug’s been performing file system analysis for a long time, back when they used rudimentary tools like anvils. We will continue the tools discussion with Jonathan Sander from STEALTHBits, who will talk about how you can automate all those boring file system analysis tasks, and use your anvil for more productive things, like making swords.

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