• Allison Nixon

    Allison Nixon does penetration testing and incident response, either assisting companies in post-compromise situation, or compromising them.

  • Carlos Perez

    Carlos Perez is the Director of Reverse Engineering in R&D for Tenable Network Security. Carlos is also a Community Developer for Metasploit, he has written several Open Source security tools some included in Kali Linux.

  • Dale Luke

    Dale is an Intern for Paul’s pauldotcom and has 6+ years of experience working in IT and is skill in troubleshoot/repair hardware, software & networking issues.

  • Greg Hetrick

    GPEN, GISP, CISSP, RHCE   Greg is an Intern with pauldotcom and a Senior Security Engineer for a financial services firm. Greg specializes in Vulnerability management, penetration testing and security architecture.

  • Jack Daniel

    Jack Daniel is old, bearded, and curmudgeonly.

  • John Strand

    John Strand is Senior Security Analyst/Principal of Black Hills Information Security.