2020 Threat Hunting Report: Insights From the CrowdStrike OverWatch Team – Jen Ayers – ESW #201



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Falcon OverWatch, the CrowdStrike® elite team of threat hunters, has the unparalleled ability to see and stop the most sophisticated threats, leaving adversaries with nowhere to hide. In this segment we’ll discuss the OverWatch team’s key threat hunting findings from the first half of 2020, as described in the 2020 Threat Hunting Report. The report reviews intrusion trends during that time frame, provides insights into the current landscape of adversary tactics and delivers highlights of notable intrusions OverWatch identified.

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Learn about the latest trends in cyber crime and take a deep dive into some of the tactics, techniques and procedures in use by specific cyber crime groups!

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Full Episode Show Notes

2020 Threat Hunting Report: Insights From the CrowdStrike OverWatch Team



Matt Alderman
Matt Alderman – CEO
Paul Asadoorian
Paul Asadoorian – Founder & CTO


Jen Ayers
Jen Ayers – Vice President, OverWatch


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