Alex Stamos, Facebook, Uber, and The Cuban Sonic Weapon – Paul’s Security Weekly #552

The Scarlett Johansson PostgreSQL Malware Attack, Alex Stamos might be leaving Facebook, is Mark Zuckerburg in trouble with the law again?, Uber self-driving car hits and kills pedestrian, and CIS releases revised top-20 critical security controls.

Paul’s Stories

  1. Meet The Scarlett Johansson PostgreSQL Malware Attack
  2. Hacker Who Gave Up Wikileaks Source Dies
  3. Alex Stamos Might Be Leaving Facebook
  4. Israeli Security Attacks AMD by Publishing Zero-Day Exploits
  5. How We Reverse Engineered the Cuban Sonic Weapon Attack – IEEE Spectrum
  6. Researchers Can Earn up to $15K in Netflixs New Public Bug Bounty Program
  7. Travel site Orbitz warns data breach may have exposed 880,000 payment card details
  8. Apple To Fix Glitch Allowing Siri To Read Hidden Messages Out Loud
  9. Why Windows Defender Antivirus is the most deployed in the enterprise
  10. Hunting Cybercriminals with AWS Honey Tokens
  11. New whistleblower says Facebook turned a blind eye to covert data harvesting
  12. Is Application Security Dead?

Jeff’s Stories

  1. Uber Self-Driving Car Hits and Kills Pedestrian
  2. Facebook Data Harvesting Ethos Imperils Democracy
  3. Stamos Reportedly Leaving Facebook
  4. US Government Accuses Russia of Hacking Into Energy Infrastructure
  5. CIS Releases Revised Top-20 Critical Security Controls
  6. Atlanta hit by Ransomware Attack

Full Show Notes

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