Article Discussion – Business Security Weekly #93

This week, Michael and Paul discuss the power of leaders who focus on solving problems, always waiting for and trusting the question, what someone learned from 5 years at Gartner, & how “Urgency bias” is killing your productivity.

What I Learned from 5 Years at Gartner

Inspired by this tweet:

  • Most problems are not unique; and they don’t require perfect knowledge; to make progress requires understanding the real problem
  • The way we phrase our questions often masks the real problem; this requires more practice asking the right questions
  • Most vendor briefings are not very good. TRUTH. Important to work with the right firms to craft your story
  • Love the approach on the slides — less is more. Get to the point. Tell your story.
  • Success comes from solving persistent problems
  • BONUS: definitely get space.

“Urgency bias” is killing your productivity

  • (BSW Episode 90 lays out how to capture your time in a brief audit)
  • We have a built-in urgency bias – and “seems urgent” trips it
  • The result is a series of objectively poor choices
  • We often choose short, easy in an effort to complete (and get the boost) – ever write a to-do just so you can cross it off?
  • Constantly question your choices — and consider adopting a structure to help think about it consistently (like the value prop & scorecard)

The Power of Leaders Who Focus on Solving Problems

  • Honoring the role of a strong individual contributor; focus on your strengths and getting stronger
  • The rise of problem-led leadership?
  • Get others excited about solving a problem
  • Not interested in leadership, long term, but will rise up

The After Action Review: A Leader’s Guide

  • Use AARs to accelerate learning
  • “What did we learn last time?” – start with the question
  • The key is putting the lesson into practice. Simple, not easy.
  • Iterate, iterate, iterate
  • Make it required, keep it short, create the habit (always be questioning)
  • Small teams, get the right people in, consider a moderator
  • Record what you learn

Always Wait For And Trust The Question

  • Questions engage people
  • “What do you need next?”
  • Then listen. Create space for everyone to listen. Silence is okay.

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