Articles, News, & Discussion – Business Security Weekly #91

Technical experts need to get better at telling stories, How to get the upper hand in any “Take It Or Leave It” offer, How and when to inform your team of major developments in your business, why companies need to build a skills inventory, and more!

Technical Experts Need to Get Better at Telling Stories

  • Experts in a technical field are often not skilled practitioners in the craft of communication
  • Plain — which means people can understand — doesn’t diminish your work
  • One idea at a time (build from the foundation)

Why I Overestimate My Contribution To My Team

  • (We explored how to overcome this on BSW 90)
  • Consider the detail we know about our efforts versus those of others
  • How do you ease the communication?

How to Get The Upper Hand In Any “Take It Or Leave It” Offer

  • Love the “no-oriented” opener
  • Labels, applied appropriately
  • Close with a label

How And When To Inform Your Team Of Major Developments In Your Business

  • Transparency is a spectrum
  • Truth isn’t always what it seems, at first
  • Avoid sharing information in real-time
  • Put an end to rumors
  • Use facts

Why Companies Need to Build a Skills Inventory

  • Do you know what your team is capable of? And what you need?
  • Inventory
  • Organize
  • Analyze
  • Plan

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