Beyond Phishing Blockers – Ryan Noon – PSW #680

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Ryan Noon joins Paul, and the rest of the PSW team, this week to chat through the importance of resilience in everything companies do to protect cloud-stored data and IP, unpack growing enterprise demand for a “digital seatbelt,” and explain why Material takes a fresh approach to email security: building products with the assumption that bad actors will successfully hack inboxes.

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Full Episode Show Notes

Beyond Phishing Blockers


Jeff Man
Jeff Man – Sr. InfoSec Consultant
Joff Thyer
Joff Thyer – Security Analyst
Larry Pesce
Larry Pesce – Senior Managing Consultant and Director of Research
Lee Neely
Lee Neely – Senior Cyber Analyst
Paul Asadoorian
Paul Asadoorian – Founder/CIO
Tyler Robinson
Tyler Robinson – Managing Director of Network Operations


Ryan Noon
Ryan Noon – Co-Founder and CEO


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