Cloud Computing Compliance: Intelligent vs Basic Automations, Part 1 – Frank Macreery – SCW #50

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Cloud computing services have become the norm for companies — even on-prem die-hards are using hybrid models. This leads to an increased need for compliance evidence. There are more controls in frameworks like SOC 2 and ISO 27001 related to cloud computing services than ever before, which means more effort to prove compliance. Join our session to learn how intelligent automations can simplify cloud computing compliance beyond what you’re doing today.

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Full Episode Show Notes

Cloud Computing Compliance: Intelligent vs Basic Automations, Part 1


Jeff Man
Jeff Man – Sr. InfoSec Consultant
John Snyder
John Snyder – CEO
Josh Marpet
Josh Marpet – COO
Scott Lyons
Scott Lyons – CEO


Frank Macreery
Frank Macreery – Co-Founder and CTO


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