Cloud Security Posture Management & Governance – Bhasker Nallapothula, Kris Rajana – ASW #115

Digital transformation is taking the IT industry by storm. As the pace of adoption of public cloud increases, security posture management and governance is usually not top of the mind of cloud engineering teams. Cost of leaving the misconfiguration undetected and not rectified sure adds up and what to say about compromise to reputation. Biarca Patrol grew organically in close collaboration with our customers to address this gap. Biarca Patrol is now being offered widely.Visit for all the latest episodes!
Full Episode Show Notes

Cloud Security Posture Management & Governance


John Kinsella
John Kinsella – Vice President of Container Security
Matt Alderman
Matt Alderman – CEO
Mike Shema
Mike Shema – Product Security Lead


Bhasker Nallapothula
Bhasker Nallapothula – Director of Engineering
Kris Rajana
Kris Rajana – President and CTO


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