Covert EDC & Physical Pen Tests – Brent White – PSW #726

Discussing every-day-carry items that are utilized during covert entry assessments.
Also discussing the concealment of these tools, and which tools we use for various assessment types.

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Physical Pentest Tools:

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Covert EDC & Physical Pen Tests


Brent White

Brent White – Principal Security Consultant at Dark Wolf Solutions


Brent is a Covert Entry Specialist with Dark Wolf Solutions, specializing in physical, social engineering, and red team security assessments. He is the founder of the Nashville DEF CON group (DC615), and is the Global Coordinator for the official DEF CON conference “Groups” program. He is also a trusted adviser for the TN Dept of Safety and Homeland Security on the topic of physical and cyber security.

Brent has held the role of Web/Project Manager and IT Security Director for a global franchise company as well as Web Manager and information security positions for television personalities on The Travel Channel.

He has also been interviewed on the popular web series, “Hak5” with Darren Kitchen, BBC News, featured with Tim Roberts on the popular series “Profiling Evil” with Mike King and on Microsoft’s “Roadtrip Nation” television series.

Brent has also spoken at numerous private and public security conferences including DEF CON, BlackHat, ISC West, DerbyCon, InfoSec World, various “B-Sides” events, Techno Security Con, TakeDownCon and Appalachian Institute of Digital Evidence conference at Marshall University, and more.


Josh Marpet

Josh Marpet – Executive Director at RM-ISAO


Executive Director, RM-ISAO
Co-founder, MJM Growth
IANS Faculty
Blockchain Patent Holder
MISTI Instructor
Entrepreneurship Curmudgeon
Board Member BSidesDE
Board Member BSidesDC
Ex-cop and Fireman

Larry Pesce

Larry Pesce – Principal Managing Consultant and Director of Research & Development at InGuardians


Larry’s core specialties include hardware and wireless hacking, architectural review, and traditional pentesting. He also regularly gives talks at DEF CON, ShmooCon, DerbyCon, and various BSides. Larry holds the GAWN, GCISP, GCIH, GCFA, and ITIL certifications, and has been a certified instructor with SANS for 5 years, where he trains the industry in advanced wireless and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) hacking. Larry’s independent research for the show has led to interviews with the New York Times with MythBusters’ Adam Savage, hacking internet-connected marital aids on stage at DEFCON, and having his RFID implant cloned on stage at Shmoocon. When not hard at work, Larry enjoys long walks on the beach weighed down by his ham radio, (DE KB1TNF), and thinking of ways to survive the impending zombie apocalypse.

Lee Neely

Lee Neely – Senior Cyber Analyst at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Lee Neely is a senior IT and security professional at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) with over 25 years of experience. He has been involved in many aspects of IT from system integration and quality testing to system and security architecture since 1986. He has had extensive experience with a wide variety of technology and applications from point implementations to enterprise solutions. Lee has worked with securing information systems since he installed his first firewall in 1989.

Paul Asadoorian

Paul Asadoorian – Founder at Security Weekly


Paul Asadoorian is the founder of Security Weekly, which was acquired by CyberRisk Alliance. Paul spent time “in the trenches” implementing security programs for a lottery company and then a large university. Paul is offensive, having spent several years as a penetration tester. As Product Evangelist for Tenable Network Security, Paul built a library of materials on the topic of vulnerability management. When not hacking together embedded systems (or just plain hacking them) or coding silly projects in Python, Paul can be found researching his next set of headphones.

Tyler Robinson

Tyler Robinson – Director of Offensive Security & Research at Trimarc Security, Founder & CEO at Dark Element


As the Managing Director of Offensive Security & Research at Trimarc, Tyler leads a team of high-performance security professionals within the offensive security field by simulating sophisticated adversaries and creating scalable offensive security platforms using the latest techniques as seen in the wild. With over 2 decades of experience, Tyler specializes in Red Teaming, APT threat modeling, blackbox network penetration testing, and Physical/Social-Engineering. Tyler has presented at multiple conferences including BSides, DefCon and Blackhat panels, SANS security events and to multiple branches of the military.


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