Going Beyond the Motions of Cybersecurity – Malcolm Harkins – RSA22 #4

Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration. The physics of motion are well documented, and we understand how these scalar and vector quantities differ. In information security and cyber risk management the dynamics are not as well understood which has confused our ability to distinguish between motion and progress. This confusion intensifies our escalating risk cycle by causing a mirage of control that continues to lead us to down a path of compromise and catastrophe, adding to our growing labor and skill deficit. This segment is meant to explore the existing physics and gravitational forces of how we have approached cyber risk management to date, discuss where we are stuck today as well as ideas for a path forward – a reorientation of security operations function so that it is optimized to handle the volume as well as reposition it from an anchor point of continual reaction to one where it can take proactive action in front of the cycle of risk. The heart of these changes is a redefinition of the risk equation we have been using for decades Risk = F (Threat, Vulnerability, Consequence) which while useful initially has created a spray and pray model across most of our organizations. I will explain how to redefine the equation to be Risk = F (Threat, Exploitability, Consequence).

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Going Beyond the Motions of Cybersecurity


Malcolm Harkins

Malcolm Harkins – Chief Security & Trust Officer at Epiphany Systems


Malcolm is Chief Security & Trust Officer with Epiphany Systems. He is responsible for enabling client growth with optimal information security infrastructure, systems, policies, and processes. He is featured industry speaker, author, and has testified on cybersecurity before the US Senate. Malcolm was previously the Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cylance as well as Chief Security and Privacy Officer at Intel Corporation. He is a board member and advisor to other growth-stage cybersecurity companies. Malcolm received a BS in Economics from UC Irvine, and an MBA from UC Davis.


Matt Alderman

Matt Alderman – Executive Director at CyberRisk Alliance


Strategic Advisor at Automox, security consultant, and wizard of entrepreneurship.