Hacking Matters Panel – PSW #677

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Hacking matters. The term hacking has gotten away from us over the years. I believe we’ve reclaimed it, to a certain extent. The goal of this panel is to discuss all things hacking culture. What does it mean to be a hacker and how do we preserve the hacking ideology?

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Full Episode Show Notes

Hacking Matters Panel

A play on words for sure, this panel will discuss “Hacking Matters”. We will address why hacking matters, to our community, and to society as a whole. It’s difficult to imagine a world without hackers. Which brings us to the second aspect of our panel, to address the matters of hacking. Specifically, we will aim to address the following:

– How do hackers help society today and into the future?
– How do we preserve the hacking spirit?
– How do we recognize the hacker in ourselves and in other people?
– How do we protect hackers from those creating and enforcing laws?
– What are some of the qualities of a hacker? Persistence? Creativity?
– How do we guide the youth of today to become ethical hackers? (Not so much in the penetration testing sense, but related to morals and ethics).
– Hackers love to explore, what advice do we have for those who explore technology to find vulnerabilities and are met with lawyers rather than open arms?
– What are some of the best examples of hacking in his-tory and popular culture?
– Can we teach someone to be a hacker? Or is hacking something you are born with and we can help you unlock it?
– How do we deal with this ethical dilemma: You’ve discovered a way to “break” a system, if you expose it good people will know about it (and hopefully fix it), but the evil attackers now also know about it and could abuse it?


Doug White
Doug White – Professor
Jeff Man
Jeff Man – Sr. InfoSec Consultant
Joff Thyer
Joff Thyer – Security Analyst
Larry Pesce
Larry Pesce – Senior Managing Consultant and Director of Research
Lee Neely
Lee Neely – Senior Cyber Analyst
Paul Asadoorian
Paul Asadoorian – Founder & CTO
Tyler Robinson
Tyler Robinson – Managing Director of Network Operations


Bill Swearingen
Bill Swearingen – Sr Cyber Strategist
Chloé Messdaghi
Chloé Messdaghi – VP of Strategy
Cyndi Gula
Cyndi Gula – Partner
John Loucaides
John Loucaides – VP of Research & Development
Ron Gula
Ron Gula – President
Shane McCombs
Shane McCombs – COO