Leadership Articles – Business Security Weekly #109

Paul and Jason Alburquerque discuss The new math of leadership, How pragmatic leaders can transform stuck organizations, and Why building a work community is critical!

Leadership Articles

  1. Marcus Ranum: Systems administration is in the ‘crosshairs’
  2. Deal of the Year: Microsoft’s GitHub acquisition
  3. The Most Productive Thing You Can Do With 10 Free Minutes Alone

The New Math of Leadership

– Do You Know Your Customer This Well?

I was recently inspired by the story of Tinker Hatfield — one of the most successful shoe designers who ever graced the floors of Nike — after he was featured on an episode of Netflix’s Abstract: The Art of Design. Back in the mid-1980s, Hatfield was an up-and-coming shoe designer who was brought in to work with a little-known basketball player named Michael Jordan. At the time, Nike had be

How Pragmatic Leaders Can Transform Stuck Organizations

Guest post by Samuel B. Bacharach : A stuck organization is one that might meet conventional measures of success but it is not necessarily thriving. It cannot quite reach that next level of innovation. It just misses the big breakthrough or is too focused on old business models that it cannot make the leap forward. There are two primary reasons why organizations get stuck. They sink into inertia

Why Building Community Is Critical To Your Brand’s Success

Almost half of Americans feel alone and isolated, according to a Almost half of Americans feel alone and isolated, according to a 2018 study by Cigna . Though it may surprise many, the Cigna study suggests that the use of technology and social media has minimal influence on a person’s feelings of isolation. The study found that face-to-face interactions, physical and mental wellness, and

Running In When Others Run Out

Valerie, in white, and her colleagues are preparing a patient in Hammam al Alil, Iraq to be moved to a larger hospital for surgery. Alice Martins It’s often the case when there is horror, pain and agony, and people are fleeing for their lives there.

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