MalWare Labs, The Key to the Next Generation of Threat Hunting – Mario Vuksan – RSA21 #3

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Threat hunters are under increased pressure to rapidly analyze, classify, detect and respond to malicious files. ReversingLabs is stepping forward to address these needs with its new Malware Lab Solution. The ReversingLabs Malware Lab solution powers the next generation of threat hunting by delivering a unique combination of static and dynamic analysis capabilities at scale to identify malicious files including those in the software supply chain.

Porous perimeters, remote workers, and highly targeted attacks such as Sunburst are challenging traditional security infrastructures, processes, and organizational structures, requiring leaders to introduce new malware analysis capabilities that centralize the analysis and investigation of suspected unknown and emergent threats to quickly determine the appropriate response.

A recent ReversingLabs survey of information security professionals validated this need with nearly 40 percent of respondents agreeing their organization could improve security with a more formalized threat hunting and malware lab program. ReversingLabs is addressing this with the ReversingLabs Malware Lab solution that equips threat hunting experts with the industry’s only unified threat analysis engine and console to rapidly analyze, classify, detect and respond to malicious files.

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MalWare Labs, The Key to the Next Generation of Threat Hunting


Mario Vuksan

Mario Vuksan – CEO & Co-Founder at ReversingLabs

Mario founded ReversingLabs in 2009 and currently serves as CEO. In this role he drives all aspects of the company’s strategy, operations and implementation. Prior to ReversingLabs Mario has held senior technical positions at Bit9 (now Carbon-Black), Microsoft, Groove Networks, and PictureTel (now Polycom). He is the author of numerous research studies, speaking regularly at FS-ISAC, RSA, Black Hat and other leading security conferences.


Paul Asadoorian

Paul Asadoorian – Founder at Security Weekly


Paul Asadoorian is the founder of Security Weekly, which was acquired by CyberRisk Alliance. Paul spent time “in the trenches” implementing security programs for a lottery company and then a large university. Paul is offensive, having spent several years as a penetration tester. As Product Evangelist for Tenable Network Security, Paul built a library of materials on the topic of vulnerability management. When not hacking together embedded systems (or just plain hacking them) or coding silly projects in Python, Paul can be found researching his next set of headphones.