Microsoft, Equifax, MacOS, and Bug Bounties – Application Security Weekly #31

U.S. Government releases post-mortem on Equifax, MacOS security baseline script by Jerry Gamblin, Equifax mega-breach and nothing has changed, Docker hacking challenge, and Bug Bounties and mental health.


Bugs, Breaches, and More!

1.) U.S. Government releases Post-mortem on Equifax

2.) Micorosft Windows Zero-Day found in Task Scheduler

3.) Government Transparency site revealed Social Security Numbers and other Personal info

If you build it, they will come

1.) After Equifax’s mega-breach, nothing changed

2.) Google and Mastercard cut a Secret Ad Deal to Track Retail Sales

3.) British Airways breached via XSS JavaScript Updates due to GDPR Complaint?

Learning & Tools

1.) MacOS Security Baseline Script by Jerry Gamblin

2.) Windows Subsystem Linux for Linux Distros

3.) Docker Hacking Challenge

Food for Thought

1.) The Developer Coefficient

2.) Web Assembly and Go: A Look to the Future

3.) Bug Bounties and Mental Health

4.) CommitStrip: Never Satisfied


Keith Hoodlet
Keith Hoodlet – Application Security Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific.
Paul Asadorian
Paul Asadorian – CEO, Security Weekly.