Necessity is the Mother of Security – Tatu Ylonen – CSP #13

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Tatu Ylönen, SSH founder and inventor of Secure Shell, discusses the genesis for the protocol and his keen interest in the application of technological solutions to fundamental cybersecurity challenges…

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Necessity is the Mother of Security


Tatu Ylonen

Tatu Ylonen – Founder at SSH Communications Security


Tatu wrote the original SSH (Secure Shell) implementation and has worked in security for over 20 years. His other interests include artificial intelligence and natural language processing.


Sam Curry

Sam Curry – Chief Security Officer at Cybereason


Sam Curry is CSO at Cybereason and is a Visiting Fellow at the National Security Institute. Previously, Sam was CTO and CISO for Arbor Networks (NetScout) and was CSO and SVP R&D at MicroStrategy in addition to holding senior security roles at McAfee and CA. He spent 7 years at RSA, the Security Division of EMC as Chief Technologist and SVP of Product. Sam also has over 20 patents in security from his time as a security architect, has been a leader in two successful startups and is a board member of the Cybersecurity Coalition, of SSH Communications and of Sequitur Labs.