News – Startup Security Weekly #50

How not to botch your pitch, why VCs love insurance, ten ways to preserve cash as a bootstrapped startup, and updates from OpenText, WatchGuard, and more!

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Startup & Security Notes of Interest

VCs love insurance, even if you don’t

  • ‘So far this year, insurance-focused startups (excluding the Asian continent*) have raised more than $700 million, almost as much as they raised in all of 2016’
  • ‘Much of the funding boom comes from big insurers themselves, who are backing and leading more rounds for insurance startups, as well as companies in related areas like financial services.’
  • ‘In small allocations, however, venture can actually be a strategy for reducing risk, as it allows large, entrenched players to track and take stakes in the upstart ventures that could reshape their industries.’
  • Cyber plays a huge role here as insurance companies are searching for new areas, new revenue potential, new growth

Opportunity — Brain Alchemy Course for free

Hi [Insert your Friend’s Name],

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of I’ve enjoyed their website and have found it to have very useful information for business. And it’s pretty zany too.

They’re giving away a free workshop (it’s online, so you just have to download the information) and they asked if I could give it to a friend. I thought of you immediately, and that’s why I’m sending it across.

Check it out and judge for yourself.

Here’s the link:

[Insert Your Name]

P.S. I read somewhere on the page that there’s a deadline for this free offer, so have a look and decide.

  • Brain Audit is one of my top 5 business books
  • This course is excellent, and something I recommend to my coaching and consulting clients – and now you
  • If you check it out — and you should — let Sean know Michael sent you

OpenText acquired Guidance Software for $240M

WatchGuard acquired Datablink for undisclosed

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