OWASP SAMM – Software Assurance Maturity Model – Sebastian Deleersnyder – ASW #154

We will provide a short introduction to OWASP SAMM, which is a flagship OWASP project allowing organizations to bootstrap and iteratively improve their secure software practice in a measurable way.
Seba will explain the SAMM model, consisting of 15 security practices. Every security practice contains a set of activities, structured into 3 maturity levels. The activities on a lower maturity level are typically easier to execute and require less formalization than the ones on a higher maturity level.
A the end we will cover how you can engage with the SAMM community and provide an overview of what happened at our latest SAMM User Day which happened on May 27th.

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Full Episode Show Notes

OWASP SAMM – Software Assurance Maturity Model


Sebastian Deleersnyder

Sebastian Deleersnyder – CTO at Toreon


Seba is co-founder, CTO of Toreon and a proponent of application security as a holistic endeavor. He started the Belgian OWASP chapter, was a member of the OWASP Foundation Board and performed several public presentations on Application Security. Seba also co-organized the yearly security & hacker BruCON conference and trainings in Belgium.

With a background in development and many years of experience in security, he has trained countless developers to create software more securely. He has led OWASP projects such as OWASP SAMM, thereby truly making the world a little bit safer. Now he is adapting application security models to the evolving field of DevOps and is also focused on bringing Threat Modeling to a wider audience.


John Kinsella

John Kinsella – Chief Architect at Accurics


John Kinsella is the Chief Architect for Accurics

Mike Shema

Mike Shema – Product Security Lead at Square


Mike Shema is the Product Security Lead of Square


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