Penning a Cyber Thriller – ESW #240

Deb has written a thriller series about an evil corporation called GlobeCom that takes over the world through human chip implants and the hackers who rise up against it to break its backbones and its grip on humanity. In it, she sticks very close to technology and hacks in use today to show the ramifications of tech over reach and couch the hackers as heroes. Her characters are drawn from hackers and agents she’s met throughout her career and they have reviewed and approved the story. She is currently wrapping up her second book in the series, which delves more into AI and machine learning. She has written for a general audience, and the story is fast-paced and entertaining with reviewers saying her style is akin to Lee Child.

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The book is available at; and her articles, speaking engagements and more information is available at Visit for all the latest episodes!

Full Episode Show Notes

Penning a Cyber Thriller


Deb Radcliff

Deb Radcliff – Strategic Analyst, Author at CyberRisk Alliance


Deb Radcliff was the first investigative reporter to make cyber crime a beat starting in 1996 after researching a best-selling book about Kevin Mitnick called the Fugitive Game. Since then, she has written hundreds of articles for business and trade magazines, won two Neal awards for investigative reporting, and was runner up for a third. She stood up an analyst program for SANS Institute and ran it for 15 years before joining the Cyber Risk Alliance as strategic analyst on the business intelligence unit. And she wrote her first book in a cyber thriller series, “Breaking Backbones: Information is Power,” which is selling well on Amazon and other outlets.


Adrian Sanabria

Adrian Sanabria – Senior Research Engineer at CyberRisk Alliance


Adrian is an outspoken researcher that doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable truths. He loves to write about the security industry, tell stories, and still sees the glass as half full.

Paul Asadoorian

Paul Asadoorian – Founder at Security Weekly


Paul Asadoorian is the founder of Security Weekly, which was acquired by CyberRisk Alliance. Paul spent time “in the trenches” implementing security programs for a lottery company and then a large university. Paul is offensive, having spent several years as a penetration tester. As Product Evangelist for Tenable Network Security, Paul built a library of materials on the topic of vulnerability management. When not hacking together embedded systems (or just plain hacking them) or coding silly projects in Python, Paul can be found researching his next set of headphones.

Tyler Shields

Tyler Shields – CMO at JupiterOne


Tyler advises, guides, and operates high tech startups primarily in the B2B security space. He is a former market analyst, engineer, product manager, marketing leader, and partnership manager. In other words, Tyler builds and grows businesses – in all aspects. He’s a board advisor, angel investor, and board member at multiple firms and an investment advisor for a venture debt business. He loves to play guitar and poker in his free time.


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