Rapid Data Analysis With Apache Drill – Charles Givre – BH21 #1

Data exploration is one of the most challenging areas for data scientists and analysts. Charles has been working on some new tooling which makes data exploration a lot simpler. He recently launched a startup called DataDistillr which encapsulates a lot of the open source work as well. Visit https://securityweekly.com/summercamp2021 to view the Live Stream and previously recorded micro-interviews.

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Full Episode Show Notes

Rapid Data Analysis With Apache Drill


Charles Givre

Charles Givre – CEO at DataDistillr


Charles Givre CISSP is CEO and co-founder of DataDistillr.


Doug White

Doug White – Professor at Roger Williams University


Doug White is a Cybersecurity professor at Roger Williams University, the President of Secure Technology, and a Security Weekly network host.