Security Champions in an Online First World – Ashish Rajan – ASW #171

Ashish will talk about building a security champion in an online world and how SAST as it stands today will die in the world of DevOps and Cloud.

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Security Champions in an Online First World


Ashish Rajan

Ashish Rajan – Head of Security & Podcast Host at Cloud Security Podcast


Ashish Rajan is the host of the wildly popular Cloud Security Podcast, a CISO, and an outspoken opinion leader on all things Cloud Security & DevSecOps. He is an early stage investor, mentor, SANS Trainer and is a frequent contributor on topics related to public cloud transformation and the associated security challenges.
You can find him on Cloud Security Podcast, Personal Site and on LinkedIn.


John Kinsella

John Kinsella – Co-founder & CTO at Cysense


John Kinsella is the Chief Architect for Accurics

Mike Shema

Mike Shema – Product Security Lead at Square


Mike Shema is the Product Security Lead of Square


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