Security Money – The Index is on the Rise – BSW #204

It’s time for our quarterly segment to review the money of security, including public companies, IPOs, funding rounds and acquisitions from Q4 2020. We’ll also update you on our own index that tracks public security companies called, Security Weekly 25. Visit for all the latest episodes!

Full Episode Show Notes

Security Money – The Index is on the Rise

Outline of Segment:

1. Public Companies
A. Changes to the SW25 Index:
i. None
B. At the close on January 29th:
i. SW25 Index is 2226.85, which is an increase of 122.69% (way up from last Q) since inception
ii. NASDAQ Index is 13,070.69, which is an increase of 96.99% (way up from last Q) during the same period
iii. SW 25 Index closed at an all time high of 2325.79 on December 22, 2020
C. Summary of earnings from Q4 2020
i. Revenue beat by 2.03% on average (down from last Q)
ii. Earnings beat by 28.24% on average (down from last Q)
iii. Average analyst rating is 1.699 (stronger Buy) (down from last quarter)
a. Best rated = Tenable again, Verint again, then CrowdStrike
b. Worst rated = SecureWorks again, followed by Checkpoint again, then Netscout again
iv. Best performer(s) = Sumo Logic, then Sailpoint again
v. Worst performer(s) = Splunk again, then CyberArk
D. IPOs for Q4 2020
i. McAfee (10/22/2020) – Opened at $18.60, below its $20 IPO price. Closed at $18.85 on January 29, 2021.
ii. Telos (11/19/2020) – Opened at $21.90, above its $17 IPO price. Closed at $35.30 on January 29, 2021.
E. Planned IPOs for 2021
i. Exabeam?
ii. DarkTrace?
iii. Lookout?
iv. Illumio?
F. Mergers and Acquisitions for Q4 2020
i. None
G Key highlights:
i. McAfee IPO falters
ii. FireEye Close $400M Blackstone Investment
2. Private Companies
A. Funding in Q4 2020
i. SentinelOne = $267M
ii. Arctic Wolf = $200M
iii. Tanium = $150M
iv. Cato Networks = $130M
v. Dragos = $110M
vi. Menlo Security = $100M
vii. Jump Cloud = $75M
viii. Beyond Identity = $75M
ix. Orca Security = $55M
x. Onapsis = $55M
xi. Eagle Eye Networks = $40M
xii. GoSecure = $35M
xiii. Salt Security = $30M
xiv. 4iQ = $30M
xv. Noname Security = $25M
xvi. VMRay = $25M Series B
xvii. Toka = $25M
xviii. Illusive Networks = $24M
xix. Outpost24 = €19M
xx. Sonrai = $20M
xxi. Accurics = $20M
xxii. EclecticIQ = $20M
xxiii. Unbound Tech = $20M
xxiv. Eclypsium = $13M
B. Acquisitions in Q4 2020
i. Palo Alto acquired Expanse = $800M
ii. FireEye acquired Respond Software = $186M
iii. Splunk acquired Flowmill
iv. Akamai acquired Asavie
v. Fortinet acquired Panopta
vi. Flashpoint acquired CRFT
vii. ZeroFox acquired Cyveillance from LookingGlass
3. Hot Startups
A. Sevco


Jason Albuquerque

Jason Albuquerque –

CIO & CSO at Carousel Industries

Matt Alderman

Matt Alderman –

Executive Director at CyberRisk Alliance

Paul Asadoorian

Paul Asadoorian –

Founder/CIO at Security Weekly/CyberRisk Alliance


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