SWVHSC: How Security Spending Overlooks the Biggest Risk of All – Matt Ashburn – BSW #183




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Global spending on cyber security totals over $100 billion per year, with no upper limit in sight as adversaries remain successful at compromising even well-resourced organizations. Why do adversaries remain successful despite advances in security technologies and risk frameworks? As it turns out, an often-overlooked architecture from 30 years ago is a common thread among many successful attacks. By re-thinking the ubiquitous web browser and its connection to the internet, CIOs and CISOs can nearly eliminate their internet risk surface, provide users the tools and access they need, and free up incident responders to focus on more advanced threats.

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SWVHSC: How Security Spending Overlooks the Biggest Risk of All


Matt Alderman
Matt Alderman – CEO
Paul Asadoorian
Paul Asadoorian – Founder & CTO


Matt Ashburn
Matt Ashburn – Federal Engagement Lead


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