Trickle Down Effects From Threat Hunting on Federal Networks – Michael Daniel – RSA22 #2

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency recently received new authorities to conduct proactive threat hunting on federal networks, while the Pentagon intends to stand up similar programs for defense contractors. SC Media cybersecurity reporter Derek Johnson will talk with CTA president Michael Daniel about how why these activities are designed to help the federal government identify latent threats and vulnerabilities and what (if any) trickle down effects there may be for the broader threat intelligence ecosystem in the public and private sector.

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Trickle Down Effects From Threat Hunting on Federal Networks


Michael Daniel

Michael Daniel – President & CEO at Cyber Threat Alliance


Michael Daniel currently serves as the President & CEO of the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), a not-for-profit that enables cyber threat information sharing among cybersecurity organizations. Prior to coming to CTA in March 2017, Michael served for four years as US Cybersecurity Coordinator, leading US cybersecurity policy development, facilitating US government partnerships with the private sector and other nations, and coordinating significant incident response activities. From 1995 to 2012, Michael worked for the Office of Management and Budget, overseeing funding for the U.S. Intelligence Community. Michael also works with the Aspen Cybersecurity Group, the World Economic Forum’s Partnership Against Cybercrime, and other organizations improving cybersecurity in the digital ecosystem. In his spare time, he enjoys running and martial arts.


Derek Johnson

Derek Johnson – Senior Reporter at SC Media


Derek covers the federal government and its intersection with critical infrastructure and the private sector for SC Media. Prior to that he spent three years covering the intersection of cybersecurity policy and government for FCW.