What We’ve Learned From Interviewing Cybercriminals – Adam Janofsky – ESW #247

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Over the last year, The Record has published several interviews between security analysts and cybercriminals. This includes representatives from REvil, BlackMatter, and Marketo. The interviews have uncovered the gangs’ motivations, targets, and tactics, and have been cited by officials including White House Deputy National Security Advisor Anne Neuberger.

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What We’ve Learned From Interviewing Cybercriminals


Adam Janofsky

Adam Janofsky – Editorial Director at The Record by Recorded Future


Adam Janofsky is editorial director of The Record, a leading cybersecurity news site published by Recorded Future. He previously was the cybersecurity and privacy reporter for Protocol, and prior to that covered cybersecurity, AI, and other emerging technology for The Wall Street Journal.


Adrian Sanabria

Adrian Sanabria – Senior Research Engineer at CyberRisk Alliance


Adrian is an outspoken researcher that doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable truths. He loves to write about the security industry, tell stories, and still sees the glass as half full.


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