Is it time to scale application security?

Your developers can help. And we can help them get there.

Snyk helps software-driven businesses develop fast and stay secure, with a developer-first solution that seamlessly and proactively finds and fixes vulnerabilities in open source libraries and containers.

  • Reduce the risk of a security incident by leveraging Snyk’s vulnerability database which is 40% proprietary and enriched with helpful insights (POCs, exploits, etc).
  • Release products with greater confidence by empowering developers to find and fix vulnerabilities within their native environments; IDE (i.e Eclipse), Git (i.e Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket), CI (i.e Jenkins, Circle, CI), Container (Docker, Kubernetes, etc).
  • Automate remediation and accelerate triage by visualizing dependency graph with respective transitive dependencies thus reducing false positive. Snyk also provides flexibility to position fix pull requests to automatically remediate vulnerabilities and upgrade out of deprecated packages.
  • Achieve open source license compliance through highly configurable policies.

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