What Is Security Weekly?

An Internet TV and Radio show (called a podcast) focused on delivering the latest information security news, technical tutorials, and interviews with leaders in the industry to the security community since 2005.

Why Should You Advertise on Security Weekly?

  • Persistent Advertising -­ Once your advertisement and interview airs, it will be preserved forever (unlike sponsoring a conference or banner ad). New Listeners and viewers go back to watch and listen to our shows.
  • Demonstrate you are a leader in your industry -­ Its more than an advertisement, its an opportunity to have a conversation with the community. Prove that you are a leader in the industry by appearing on the show, showcasing your talent, and discussing security problems and solutions. Develop a relationship with our audience.
  • Increase Lead Conversions -­ It validates your organization’s services and products by keeping them on the forefront of people’s minds each week and appearing on the show to showcase your talent. A one-­‐year advertising package includes a direct lead generating webcast and web site banner ads.
  • We reach a global audience -­ Listeners come from across the globe and listen and/or watch our show.

How do people listen/watch?

  • iTunes -­ Subscribe to the audio and video versions of our show, get them downloaded to your computer each and every week, watch/listen them on your iPod/iPhone/iPad. Smartphone Apps allow for easy on-­‐the-­‐fly viewing and downloading, such as Apple’s “Podcasts” App.
  • YouTube/Blip.tv – Viewers can browse through playlists and comment on our latest episodes. Blip.tv distribution allows viewers to watch our show in the comfort of your own living room on your TV!
  • Live on Ustream -­ Tune in every Thursday night and watch the show live and participate in the online chat, ask questions during the show, and talk to other listeners!

Why do people listen?

  • For security professionals, by security professionals -­ People listen to learn from our guests, learn how to “do stuff” from our team of talented hosts, and receive information on what’s happening in the security industry and community.
  • It’s a security conference, on your iPod -­ The top names in computer security appear on our show, such as: Bruce Schneier, Dan Geer, Allan Paller, Gene Kim, HD Moore, Jennifer Granick, Jeff Moss, Chris Hoff, Ron Gula, Marcus Ranum, Bruce Potter, Dan Kaminsky, Gordon “Fyodor” Lyons.

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