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Option1: Virtual interviews with Security Weekly host(s) from our studio in Warwick, RI, streamed live and recorded. The interviews are 10-15 mins in length and aim to reach the security community with your problem and solution statement. During the week, your co-branded video will be live-streamed, posted to our YouTube channel, and scheduled to our social media outlets (Twitter, LinkedIN and Facebook). The recorded interview will also be added into the rotation of our Enterprise Security Weekly podcast (or other approved show).

The sponsor would have rights to share or embed the YouTube video to their website or social media accounts as third-party market validation for your products and/or services. You can purchase the rights to the video or additional editing as a separate line item. The video will live on our YouTube channel & in our podcast environment forever. Security Weekly has access to the following subscribers:

  • Security Weekly YouTube - 25,000+ subscribers
  • Security Weekly Facebook - 10,000+ followers/10,000+ page likes
  • Security Weekly Twitter - 65,000+ followers
  • Security Weekly LinkedIN - 35,000+ connections
  • Enterprise Security Weekly - 19,000+ downloads/episode

Option 2: Sponsored Interview, Topic, or News Segment on one of our enterprise podcasts. Following our success at last year’s BlackHat and RSA Conference, we are going to live-stream and record 4 of our main enterprise podcasts during the virtual event! These interviews will run as they usually would as a part of a Security Weekly program. We will schedule the guest for the appearance remotely via Zoom or Skype, schedule a prep call prior to the appearance date to sync on topic and content, and then live-stream and record the interview and push it out to all of our podcast feeds.

Here is some information on our audience for each of these enterprise shows:

  • Application Security Weekly - 11,000+ downloads/episode
  • Business Security Weekly - 14,000+ downloads/episode
  • Enterprise Security Weekly - 19,000+ downloads/episode
  • Paul’s Security Weekly - 18,000+ downloads/episode

If you are interested in reserving one of our slots, please complete the form and we will contact you in 24-48 hours.