Security Weekly News Episode #111 – March 30, 2021

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1. Microsoft, PhP, Apple Store, & Video Game Cheats – 02:00 PM-02:30 PM


This week, Dr. Doug talks Microsoft, Apple Store, PhP, Video Game Cheating, Joe Biden’s executive order, & the return of Jason Wood for Expert Commentary!



Doug White


Professor at Roger Williams University

  1. Exclusive: Software vendors would have to disclose breaches to U.S. government users under new order: draft
  2. Pair of Apex Legends Players Banned for DDoS Server Attacks
  3. PHP Infiltrated with Backdoor Malware
  4. Microsoft Offers Up To $30K For Teams Bugs
  5. Windows 10 KB5000842 cumulative update fixes freezing issues
  6. Ransomware admin is refunding victims their ransom payments
  7. He believed Apple’s App Store was safe. Then a fake app stole his life savings in bitcoin.
  8. Weird Tweet From U.S. Strategic Command Actually Sent by Small Child

Jason Wood


Founder; Primary Consultant at Paladin Security

  1. Nearly a fifth of victims who pay off extortionists fail to get their data back